Flawless Fotos

Flawless Fotos is a family affair that began with Roger Luer's love of photography. At an early age Nicholaus, Roger's son, picked up a camera and showed an interest in capturing images of the unique beauty that God has placed all around us. Through the years Judy has continuously supported the hobby shared by her husband and son. Most recently the family love of photography gained another member when Nicholaus' wife, Jennifer, joined in the fun and added her unique eye to the mix.

No matter where our travels take us, from our backyards to the other side of the globe, our cameras our by our sides ready to capture and share the beauty of the earth where we all have been blessed to live.

This site is in memory of Roger C. Luer. Flawless Fotos was always a dream of Roger and was developed several months before he passed away in June of 2011. Our family will continue to photograph the world around us and keep his dream alive.
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